COEXPAN & EMSUR are the two main divisions of Grupo Lantero specialized in rigid & flexible packaging solutions mainly intended to food products, as well as other technical and industrial applications.

We have a wide experience of over 45 years, great market knowledge and a solid international presence in 12 countries, both in Europe and Americas. The experienced team of COEXPAN & EMSUR distribute our products in more than 65 countries, focused on offering the highest quality, product efficiency and best service to our clients.


At COEXPAN y EMSUR we have a broad product portfolio of rigid and flexible packaging solutions focused on the convenience of consumers, the protection and preservation of food, the sustainability of packaging and the brand differentiation in the aisle.

Some of the most noteworthy products are rigid plastic sheets for FFS machines, thermoformed packages, lids, banderols, sleeves, pouches, doypacks, portion packs and shrink sleeves, among others; mainly aimed at the packaging of dairy products, fresh foods, processed foods, home and personal care products.

  • FFS Plastic Rollstock Sheets
  • Thermoformed Packages
  • Cups & Pots
  • Clamshells

  • FFS Lidding & in-mould labelling
  • Laminated films gravure & HD flexo printed
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • Bags and Pre-made pouches for FS applications


We place at your disposal a global network of top qualified R&D professionals and our state-of-the-art innovation center, INNOTECH, engaged in a mission for the packaging of the future. At INNOTECH we support our customers’ developments, providing innovative and efficient solutions that add value and competitiveness to products.

What does the packaging of the future look like?


Our experienced team will be glad to meet your company’s goals.